Next Challenge Creating A Better Life

As a member of OBQ, OBQ Bio is biotechnology division that researches and develops strategic application products that will lead the next-generation bio markets for medical devices, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceutical products containing physiologically active substances by processing biomaterials. We are committed to developing and commercializing innovation and pioneering medical solutions for corrective and aesthetic applications in dedication to humanity’s quest for happier, beautiful and quality lives.

Development of the Biotechnology Industry

OBQ Bio will continue to help people live more enjoyable life through continuous research and development using cutting-edge application technology based on biomaterials. 

We focus on providing innovative medical solutions for corrective and aesthetic applications that deliver visible results and long-term solutions. We work closely with aesthetic doctors, dermatologists, dermatological clinics and other health professionals to understand their needs and the needs of their patients. With a solid understanding of their needs, we develop relevant products that offer solutions for their various skin concerns.